Green Products Portfolio


Enabling consumers to make simple choices about the products they buy and its impact in the entire life cycle.


Philips wants to improve lives through meaningful innovation. We do that by developing care and well-being products that also takes the ecological dimension into account. Here are some of our green products. Some products listed here may not be available in your country.

We offer green solutions throughout from energy saving lighting, medical equipment to house hold appliances.

SENSEO Viva Café Eco

One of the sustainability product highlights addressing the subject of materials was our launch of the world’s first ever recycled designer coffee machine: the SENSEO Viva Café Eco, which uses old electronic appliances to create a first-class coffee system. All outer plastic parts – except those that come into contact with the water or coffee – are made from up to 100% recycled content. The machine also has a five-minute auto shut-off for energy saving, and its packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard.

Eco Care Irons

Our Eco Care Irons have an innovative feature to make sure you get 100% steam power to remove creases thoroughly. At the same time, it saves energy automatically, because it eliminates wasted steam. This product is made of 30% recycled plastics. The Philips StudioPower vacuum cleaner is 30% more energy efficient without compromising performance. The product is made of minimum 37.5% recyclable plastics.



With our energy saving lamps, offices, shops, industries as well as consumers, don’t just change a bulb, they can change the world. Our energy savers offer up to 80% energy saving and up to 8 times longer life. We offer sustainable lighting solutions that enable people to design with light, dramatically changing the mood, look and functionality of any room.


After 18 months of rigorous testing, the US Department of Energy awarded us the highly prestigious ‘L Prize’ for our LED replacement for the 60 W incandescent bulbs in 2011. The Department calculated that if every 60 W incandescent bulbs in the US were replaced with our 10 W prize winner, the nation would save USD 3.9 billion in one year and avoid 20 million tons of carbon emissions. This is comparable with the emission reduction that could be realized by shutting down 20 medium-size power stations.

Koffer LED

Philips’ Metronomis solution allows complete personalization according to the city’s needs and requirements by day and night. It uses state-of-the-art wireless control technology to maximize efficiency and provides cities, urban planners, landscape architects and lighting designers the ability to create unique lighting effects. The solution allows users to achieve their desired atmosphere, while enhancing a community’s sense of comfort and safety, and can be used in both urban spaces and rural environments.


The Maxos LED is the industry-leading efficacy LED luminaire for industrial and retail applications; GentleSpace is the leading LED luminaire in the highbays category. The PowerBalance LED luminaire is a very energy efficient solution consuming only 30 Watt and exceeding the 100lm/W barrier, being a huge saving compared to a 64 W TL5.



Philips Healthcare develops innovative solutions across the continuum of care in partnerships with clinicians and customers to improve patients’ outcomes, provide better value, and expand access to care. While doing so, we take into account all Green Focal Areas and aim to reduce environmental impact over the total life cycle.


Main areas of environmental improvement are energy efficiency (e.g. PowerSave for MRI) and X-Ray dose reduction in for example CT systems. Other areas covered include lower weight products and as well as reducing environmentally relevant substances from our products. We also work on closing the material loop , amongst others through upgrading strategies, parts harvesting and refurbishing programs and increasing levels of recycled content in our products.


These improvements support the increasing interest that we see in societies across the globe for green hospitals and reduced environmental impact of healthcare. Philips Healthcare actively supports a voluntary industry initiative for improving the energy efficiency of Imaging equipment. Moreover, solutions are developed to support hospitals in identifying and realizing energy efficiency opportunities in their operations.

Some of ourhealthcare products:


Ingenia 1.5T Omega MRI 

  • Energy usage in ‘off’ and ‘ready-to-scan’ mode per day is 24% lower and per patient 17% lower than the industry average as determined via the COCIR SRIv2 method
  • HeliumSave zero-boil off technology and PowerSave technology help reduce helium and power consumption costs and spare the environment
  • The Ingenia 1.5T product weight reduced by 24%, when Compared to its predecessor, the Achieva 1.5T, corrected for differences in bore diameter )
InteliVue MX40 Patient Monitor

MX40 Patient Monitor
Compared to its predecessor (the MP2), the MX40 Patient Monitor shows notable advantages:

  • Massive reduction in power usage (85%)
  • Reduction in materials consumed (86%)
  • Elimination of Lead for equivalent functions (RoHS compliant)
Trilogy Portable Ventilator

Trilogy Portable Ventilator
The Trilogy ventilator uses 62% less energy, 49% less packaging, and is 72% lighter than its predecessor (BiPAP Vision).