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Jul 21, 2020

Watch again: LinkedIn Live session on the hospital of the future in a post COVID-19 world

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Philips’ Jeroen Tas, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, and Sean Carney, Chief Design Officer, discuss the trends that are dramatically shaping the future of healthcare

“Top of our agenda is to help create a healthcare system that is more personal, more accessible, dynamic and connected to address the world’s ever-changing needs.” That’s one of the key points made during a recent Linkedin Live session on ‘The hospital of the future in a post COVID-19 world’ hosted by Philips’ Jeroen Tas, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer and Sean Carney, Chief Design Officer & General Manager Business Leader Healthcare Transformation Services. 


Overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new reality and shown us that virtual care is vital and its potential enormous. It has forced us to rethink the traditional hospital concept, making it more decentralized, modular, responsive and able to address a crisis, while at the same time being able to continue with elective care. Instead of being a single fixed location, the hospital of the future will be a decentralized network with functions re-distributed across the community, or even made mobile. With an increasing level of consciousness about the importance of personal health, important questions have arisen. How can we put AI to work to support consumers and care professionals? What does ‘going digital’ mean for the doctor-patient relationship and patient engagement?


During this dynamic and engaging LinkedIn Live session, Jeroen and Sean answered these questions and discussed important trends that are dramatically reshaping healthcare. They also put forward their views on innovation and design in future healthcare before ending with an audience Q&A. 

COVID-19 is accelerating digital innovation. Experiencing virtual care, data sharing and AI first-hand will shape the debate about their future role in healthcare.

Jeroen Tas

Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Philips

We truly need to design healthcare around the patient (journey, pathway) and the staff experience, while optimizing access and patient flow.

Sean Carney

Chief Experience Design Officer, Philips

The LinkedIn Live session followed publication of a duo blog post by Jeroen and Sean that first appeared on ‘What will the hospital of the future look like in a post-COVID world?’ 


You can view the full video on our LinkedIn page.

Hospital of the future

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Hospital of the future

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