Philips has a long history of breakthrough innovation. The company began in lighting and founded its first research lab in 1914. Applying its technical knowledge to healthcare, Philips introduced a medical X-ray tube in 1918. This marked the point when the company began to diversify its product range and to systematically protect its innovations with patents in areas stretching from X-ray radiation to radio reception. Along the way, we've been responsible for some truly ground-breaking discoveries and standards, such as the Rotalix X-ray tube, the high-pressure mercury lamp, the triple-headed dry electric razor, the Compact Cassette, the Brilliance 40-slice CT scanner, CD, DVD, Ambilight TV, and more recent innovations such as the AirFloss, Lumify portable ultrasound, and the all-digital Vereos PET/CT scanner.

In the spotlight

Reference architectures and guardrails: burden or opportunity for innovation?

spotlight IntelliSpace Portal Advancing care Neurology

Our reference architecture enables us to innovate faster while putting the customer experience at the center of everything we do, explains Jan van Zoest, Chief Architect



Six ways healthcare will move into our homes

Six ways healthcare will move into our homes

Rather than having patients travel to see healthcare providers, can we bring healthcare to their doorsteps? Henk van Houten, Chief Technology Officer at Philips explains how our homes are destined to play a central role in the healthcare system of the future.


Teamwork makes the dream work - How a co-research approach tackles MRI challenges with AI  

At the forefront of the sleep revolution
Artificial Intelligence brings promising new possibilities to MRI scanning. Nicola Pezzotti and Elwin de Weerdt explain how AI-powered innovations are a step-change in MRI.

Improving people’s lives by delivering meaningful innovation

We put people at the center of our work, responding to their aspirations, needs and desires while constantly achieving better energy efficiency and higher levels of sustainability. This approach has led to more than a century of breakthrough innovations.
Open innovation

Open innovation

In line with our open innovation strategy Philips Research works closely with global academic and industrial partners to meet people’s needs. By combining innovative forces a greater number of innovations are more effective and find a faster way to the market.
Recent innovation

A history of innovation

Thanks to this approach, we surprise people with groundbreaking innovations for over 100 years; from lamps and radios to medical equipment, electric shavers, televisions and semiconductors. Our broad portfolio of patents is a clear proof of our innovative character.
Our people

Our people

Creativity and interdisciplinary teams are at the heart of Research. Our people are inspired by a sustainable world, driven by our strategy and insights in unmet needs

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