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Philips Research China is the corporate research center and innovation engine for Philips in China. Our focus is on breakthrough technologies development aiming to make a difference to people's health and wellbeing across healthcare continuum, with special attention to the challenges in the China market. 

We accelerate our innovation via co-creation with market and business, and through collaboration with industrial and academic partners. We are an integral part of Philips' international Research organization and have extensive collaborations with Philips' innovation teams across the world. China is one of the global markets adopting digital health technologies in a quickest way with fast adoption and iteration approach to digital innovations. Significant progression of AI, IoT, 5G, Cloud, and ubiquitous wearable devices are enabling new offerings and value propositions to empower consumer and customers for better decision making and self-health management. 


The research departments at Philips Research China are:


  • Our Connected Care & Personal Health department focuses on creating innovative solutions that serve customer needs for both mass consumers and professionals. The research areas include: respiratory health through air sensing and control, nutritional health through kitchen appliances, population management in personal health sector; connected care solutions for hospitals and healthcare professionals, such as patient monitoring, hospital 4.0, 5G tele-health and other research areas which are closely related to China's health and medical needs.

  • Our Precision Diagnosis & Image Guided Therapy department focuses on delivering value based and AI-enabled solutions in research activities related to Precision Diagnosis, Image Guided Therapy. The department is comprised of three main competency pillars, namely: machine learning and data analytics, clinical research and standardization, security and privacy. Machine Learning and data analytics competency is organized centering medical image analysis, Chinese NLP and data analysis.   The group works very closely with leading hospitals in China in asset co-creation, clinical validation and evaluation. Standardization, security and privacy team is active in working on China and global standardization bodies and authorities to promote Philips technologies and solutions, therefore driving the adoption of Philips technologies.  

  • Our China Digital Innovation department focuses on accelerating digital innovation suitable to market, ecosystem and customer needs, at the same time creating local-relevant solutions for our partners and customers. The team aims at forging integrated digital solutions across businesses for the Chinese market from first-mile planning to last-mile engineering, by leveraging software engineering, project management and architect capabilities to develop HealthSuite as a system of engagement with Agile way of working.

  • Our Clinical Research Board focuses on enabling research collaborations with clinical partners through creation of structured relationships with key sites worldwide, focusing on the areas that are aligned with the Philips strategy and innovation roadmap. At the same time utilizing these relationships for the development of research hubs, with key customers and markets, facilitating value generation of Philips with a focus on integrated solutions.
Philips China Innovation Campus
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