Marc de Samber

Philips Research Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Dr. Marc de Samber joined Philips Research in 1990, and worked a.o. on front-end semiconductor technologies, sensors and actuators, displays, passive integration and advanced packaging. He guided the transformation of packaging technology for semiconductors towards micro-system integration technologies. Over the years he became an internationally recognized expert in this new field.


Marc teamed up with Lighting in the transformation towards solid-state lighting, with game-changing innovations such as wafer-scale chip-scale packaging and system integration. Several new concepts have been transferred to Lumileds, Automotive Lighting and LED lamps.


Marc increasingly focuses on Healthcare. He supports the Image-Guided Intervention and Therapy (IGIT) scientific team and the Healthcare research program in long-term winning innovation strategies for in-body sensing, imaging, and therapy devices, leveraging his micro-system integration expertise.


Marc combines his multi-disciplinary proficiency and experience, broad application knowledge, and his passion for meaningful innovations with a strong focus on business generation.