Mark Johnson

Philips Research Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Mark is with Philips Research since 1986. He started working as a materials specialist in the magnetism research group, where he first developed improved magnetic oxides (ferrites) for video recording heads and high-frequency power supplies and subsequently investigated magnetic multilayers for application in magneto-resistive sensors and in rewritable (magneto-)optical recording media.


After this period of high-profile fundamental research, he completely changed research direction and has now developed into an inventor and initiator of new flat-panel displays.


At Philips Research Eindhoven, he won the Gilles Holst Award (2002) and the first Eureka Fair Award (2001, ‘singing display’). He has also won the ‘Best Technical Achievement’ Award from Philips Research Redhill (2000, PolyLED display), with whom he extensively collaborates.