Tom Nuijs

Philips Research Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Tom joined Philips Research in 1987. Initially he worked on holography for aberration-free imaging and on a model for the optical properties of coatings on display devices. He then contributed to the optics of wafer-stepper alignment. In 1996 he switched to research for personal care, with a focus on new technologies for skin care, hair removal and oral health care.


Tom pioneered the development of photoepilation for home use and hit the right key in Consumer Lifestyle with the invention of SatinLux, the photoepilation product that was launched in 2008. He built an extensive network of skin-care specialists and high-tech companies and strives to identify the best technologies for future Philips products.


As a firm believer in innovation through team work, he fosters excellent contacts with the Shaving & Beauty Business of Consumer Lifestyle. With his team he won Intellectual Economy Public Awards in the CRE events of 2005 and 2008 and he became a Distinguished Employee in 2007.