Arie van Boxtel

“What I really like is working with other cultures.”


Arie van Boxtel has been working with Philips for over 25 years. During that time he has worked in many roles for different divisions, so he has a broad perspective of the company.

“I began at Philips as an engineer in analog video. Over the years, I’ve worked on digital video, digital audio, optical storage, the DVD burner, and many other projects. Being the team leader for the Blu Ray project was one of the most challenging experiences I have had. Getting a first of a kind product to market, and getting it standardized across the globe required an enormous effort. There was a lot of intellectual property involved, discussions with other large companies like Sony, and intensive work with people all around the world. The pressure was high, but we accomplished a lot.

We really help each other

Right now, I’m focusing on projects for developing LED based luminaires for the outdoor segment. Using smart technologies to make smart lighting. What I really like is working with other cultures. We can learn from them and they learn from us. We really help each other.

We do the complete life cycle

Within Philips, it’s easy to switch from one sector to another and to get a responsible role in challenging projects. Our projects start with research and then you are trying to apply your research into a real product including the transfer to a factory. So we do the complete life cycle, from the first idea to a product in the shop. That is very satisfying.

Opportunities to work with experienced people

You have lots of opportunities for your career, but also lots of opportunities to work with experienced people. We have experienced people for every area and that makes this a really interesting environment.”

Arie van Boxtel

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Philips Research Eindhoven
  • With Philips: 26 years
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electronics