Murray Gillies

“We match up people who understand patients with people who can create technical solutions.”


Dr. Murray Gillies is a Principal Research Scientist currently working on the Ambient Experience Project. The project aims to make hospitals less stressful for patients – particularly in places where they tend to experience the most anxiety, such as MR scanner rooms.

“We are working to reduce stress levels in hospitals by using advanced audio-visual effects that give patients a feeling of control over their environment. This not only makes treatment more comfortable for patients, but it often also improves hospital workflow.

Although the research team is working on a project that is related to psychology, I have a technical background. I started at Philips in a very physics-based project environment. I actually spent years trying to oxidize just 1.5 nanometers of aluminum, which was very fundamental research at the time. But working at Philips Research gives you the opportunity to change direction – sometimes radically – and I went on to work on plasma displays, digital pathology and, finally, Ambient Experience.

We have a highly diverse population at Philips Research. You often find people from very different backgrounds working in the same team, and that provides us with fresh ideas and much richer insights. Ambient Experience is a perfect example of how a cross-disciplinary approach helps us arrive at the best responses to consumer needs. The team has members with backgrounds in psychology, neuroscience, physics and electrical engineering. That way, we’ve matched up people who really understand the patients with people who can create technical solutions based on those insights.”

Murray Gillies

  • Principal Research Scientist
  • Department: Philips Research