Sherry Yu

“Almost all Chinese people know the brand of Philips.”


Sherry Yu began working for Philips in Taipei, and moved to the bustling city of Shanghai in 2002 to work in the dynamic Philips Research organization.

“I first worked for Philips in Taiwan and moved to Philips Research Shanghai in 2002. Part of my role is as administrative manager and my other role is for public relations, including internal and external communications. I came to work here because of Shanghai and Philips. Shanghai is a pretty exciting place to work. There is lots of energy here and great dynamics. It’s a city full of energy and hope.


We work as true partners

Almost all Chinese people know the brand of Philips, but fewer know Philips Research. The local institutes and universities do recognize us. Philips has a very strong cooperation with universities and local institutes. We involve their people in our projects and work as true partners. Many other multinationals has not taken such an open approach. That is very highly regarded here. We insist on cooperating with each other.


I work with the top talent in China

It is excellent to work here. I work with the top talent in China. We have a lot of specialists from The Netherlands who are working in Shanghai, and many visitors to our location. I enjoy working with my internal colleagues. These are pretty open relationships we have with each other. ”

Sherry Yu

  • Administrative Manager and Public Relations
  • Philips Research Shanghai
  • With Philips: 12 years