Executive Committee

Frans van Houten

Born 1960, Dutch


President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chairman of the Board of Management since April 2011

Group responsibilities: Chairman of the Executive Committee, HealthSystems, Internal Audit, Supply Management, Innovation & Strategy, Sustainability, Accelerate! - Overall transformation, End2End Quality and Regulatory Compliance


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Abhijit Bhattacharya

Born 1961, Indian


Executive Vice President &

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Member of the Board of Management since December 2015

Group responsibilities: Finance, Capital structure, Mergers & Acquisitions, Investor Relations, Information Technology


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Jean Botti

Born 1957, French


Executive Vice President & Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer

Group responsibilities: Innovation, Strategy & Alliances, Design, Intellectual Property, Sustainability, Medical Affairs


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Marnix van Ginneken

Born 1973, Dutch/American


Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer

Group responsibilities: Legal and General Secretary


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Denise Haylor

Born 1964, English/American


Executive Vice President &

Chief Human Resources Officer

Group responsibilities: Human Resources, Accelerate! - Culture


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Ronald de Jong

Born 1967, Dutch


Executive Vice President &

Chief Market Leader

Group responsibilities: Markets, Countries (all except Greater China & North America), Government Affairs, Accelerate! - Customer centricity


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Pieter Nota

Born 1964, Dutch


Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer of Personal Health, Chief Marketing Officer, Member of the Board of Management since April 2011

Group responsibilities: Personal Health, Accelerate! - Resource to Win, Marketing


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