Consumer Lifestyle Business Highlights

Pieter Nota

Chief Executive Officer of Philips Consumer Lifestyle


Our Consumer Lifestyle sector is dedicated to responding to the consumers’ aspirations all over the world, inspiring and enabling them to be healthy, live well and enjoy life.

Helping people achieve a healthier and better life

Across the world, consumers want to maintain and improve their health and well-being and that of their families. Philips Consumer Lifestyle is on a journey to become a leading player in health and well-being, delivering a stream of locally relevant, meaningful innovations.


Our unique competitive advantage is the combination of our powerful global brand, our insightful understanding of people, our extraordinary competence in technology and design, and the many synergies with our channels, partners and supply chain.


For us, technology is not produced for technology’s sake. Philips delivers deeper experiences, in touch with the social and emotional needs of our customers in their homes, tailoring solutions to variable local needs around the world. From a cup of coffee in the morning, to a healthy meal in the evening. And whether it’s using the best sonic technology to care for your teeth or an innovative laser guided beard trimmer; Philips innovation matters to our users and improves their lives – every day.

Key Business Areas

  • Health & Wellness
  • Domestic Appliances
  • Coffee
  • Personal Care

Smooth shaving

“When I changed from a standard razor to the Philips SensoTouch 3D razor, my shaving experience has noticeably improved. My skin is so smooth my little daughter loves to touch my face. Having a clean-cut and neat appearance increases my confidence and with that I am able to live a full life.” Jialing Jin, family man, China


Healthy cooking

“We love fried food, but there’s too much oil and grease in it. It’s not good for your health. But ever since getting the Philips Airfryer, we can enjoy fried food again. It really makes cooking much easier, much healthier and much more fun.” Dable Kwan, housewife & aspiring chef, Hong Kong


Confident smile

“Most patients primarily have periodontics related problems. Sometimes they won’t even open their mouth wide enough to laugh. I encourage all of my patients to use Philips Sonicare products. I was able to contribute my professional expertise to the design of the product line. After treatment, patients have new confidence to be out in public. That’s meaningful to me.” Tomoyuki Shimizu, dentist, Japan

Consumer Lifestyle Trends

- Consumers have a growing interest in personal health and well-being, and desire to look and feel good


- Consumers are increasingly looking for digitally smart, personalized solutions


- The middle class of growth geographies is rapidly expanding


- In a complex market environment, consumers look for responsible brand they can trust