Healthcare Business Highlights

Key Business Areas

  • Imaging Systems
  • Home Healthcare
  • Patient Care and Clinical Informatics (PCCI)
  • Customer Services
  • Hospital to Home Solutions
  • Healthcare Transformation Services


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As a global leader in healthcare, we are guided by the understanding that there is a patient at the center of everything we do. By pioneering new solutions that improve and expand care around the world, we are dedicated to creating the ideal experience for all patients, young and old.

Creating the future of healthcare

We harness the power of clinical information by providing clinicians and healthcare providers with real-time information all in one place – across modalities, time zones and technologies – for more confident decision-making and efficient workflow.


We focus on delivering the most technologically advanced products and solutions, as we help clinicians diagnose, treat and manage many of today’s most prevalent diseases.


We expand access to care by promoting the adoption of new mobile and remote technologies and developing new protocols that can lead to more efficient and productive healthcare systems.


These commitments are the driving force behind our research and investment in promising new approaches to radiology, cardiology, oncology, decision support, home health, respiratory and other critical areas.


Driving progressive healthcare

Through innovation in live image-guidance technology, Philips is enabling minimally invasive procedures that were not possible before–opening up new ways to treat disease and improve quality of life for millions worldwide. EchoNavigator, which combines interventional X-ray and echocardiography technology in a unique and intuitive way, enables a more efficient and straightforward method for treating structural heart disease.


Transforming critical care delivery

Philips works closely with health systems to improve quality, costs and access to care across multiple patient settings. IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia is an advanced decision-support and documentation solution that transforms patient data into actionable information through interoperability, while automatically populating patient electronic medical records.


Facilitating innovative and affordable care

Philips and Georgia Regents Medical Center (GRMC) have announced a 15-year alliance to enable increasingly patient-centered approaches to care and address current and future clinical, operational and equipment needs of GRMC’s multiple sites. This healthcare industry-defining business model is designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs through new technologies, operational planning, support and consulting services.

Healthcare Trends

-  People are living longer, but with that longevity comes chronic diseases


-  The spiraling cost of managing healthcare for the world’s aging population presents a major challenge to society


-  The global demand for care delivery is increasing–which in turn places a significant burden on under-resourced healthcare systems, governments and healthcare providers around the world


-  The rate of change is accelerating: Technological advancements are changing and will continue to change how patient care is delivered from the hospital to the home and points in between