Kees Wesdorp

Chief Business Leader Precision Diagnosis


Kees Wesdorp leads Philips’ Precision Diagnosis business cluster, which brings together connected diagnostic systems and integrated diagnostic insights - including imaging, monitoring, laboratory, genomics and longitudinal data - to enable a clear care pathway with predictable outcomes for every patient.


This cluster of businesses includes Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), Advanced Molecular Imaging (AMI), Diagnostic X-Ray (DXR), Ultrasound, Enterprise Diagnostic and Precision Diagnosis Solutions (including Pathology, Oncology and neuro-radiology Solutions.)


Kees joined Philips in 2017, as the General Manager of the Diagnostic Imaging business. He led the transformation of the business by increasing customer and employee engagement, renewing the product and solutions portfolio, and improving profitability.

By focusing on precision diagnosis, Philips helps turn the most defining moments in healthcare into a clear care pathway with predictable outcomes for every patient.

Kees Wesdorp

Chief Business Leader Precision Diagnosis, Royal Philips

Prior to joining Philips, Kees was an executive vice president at Bain Capital and focused on driving transformation in selected Bain Capital portfolio companies. Before Bain Capital, Kees worked for NXP Semiconductors and was involved in the transformation of NXP in a variety of operational and functional roles in the business.


Kees is profoundly engaged with Philips' vision of improving the lives of three billion people by 2030 in part through a dynamic combination of customer engagement, technological innovation and business transformation.


Kees is married and has four children, lives in Bloemendaal in the Netherlands. He is currently engaged in health and well-being mentoring, and enjoys running and skiing.

At a glance


  • Current role: Chief Business Leader, Precision Diagnosis
  • Since:  2020
  • Born: Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1976
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Graduated: Physics at University of Amsterdam (with honors), and PhD in experimental Atomic Physics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (with honors)

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