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Mar 05, 2021

Inside Insights: Podcast series explores diagnosis and treatment innovation during COVID-19

Chip Truwit
Chief Medical Officer for Precision Diagnosis at Philips

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, health systems around the globe already faced immense pressure to manage operational and clinical complexities, compounded by the challenge of processing an ever-increasing flow of raw data, inefficient systems, heavy workloads and bureaucratic demands. COVID-19 has only added to the pressure and complexity, pushing healthcare providers and infrastructures to their limits.

But a ‘bright side’ has emerged from the crisis: a boom in innovation and collaboration to meet new needs. The world has witnessed companies and industries stepping forward to solve challenges facing hospitals, clinicians and their patients. In many ways, the pandemic has reinvigorated healthcare’s sense of purpose and brought together different disciplines, overcoming siloes and personal interest - working toward the shared goal of saving lives.  

To explore this more deeply, I took the opportunity to sit down with a few of my Philips colleagues for a podcast series called Inside Insights, where we discuss the innovations that are being designed and implemented to help solve the biggest challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of patients today.

Inside Insights Podcast

Each episode of Inside Insights addresses important topics that align with our mission to improve two billion lives by 2025. By combining smart technologies – across imaging, pathology and genomics – with optimized workflows and insights from integrated diagnostics, we can achieve a continuous diagnostic system that supports healthcare providers. With this approach, we can drive the right care in the right sequence at the right time, leading to clear care pathways with predictable outcomes for every patient.

Four episodes from my conversations for the Inside Insights series are now available.


  1. Care that can’t wait: Transforming oncology care amid COVID-19
    Guest: Louis Culot, General Manager, Oncology Informatics and Genomics, Philips

    Chip and Louis discuss the impact of COVID-19 on oncology care, focusing on orchestrating decision-making at every pivotal moment of the patient’s care pathway, highlighting the ways in which Philips is advancing cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  2. COVID-19: Reinvigorating healthcare’s sense of purpose
    Guest: Alexandra Goncalves, Medical Officer, Cardiology and Personal Health, Philips

    Chip and Alexandra explore the sense of purpose that healthcare professionals have and how COVID-19 is reinvigorating it with technology’s support, touching on how the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, setting a new standard for digitizing care in the long term.

  3. Digital command centers designed to optimize operations and maximize imaging’s value
    Guest: Vijay Parthasarathy, former venture leader, Precision Diagnosis, Philips

    Chip and Vijay discuss Philips’ strategy for its Radiology Operations Command Center (the ROCC) and how it will help centralize, virtualize and standardize network-wide imaging operations at hospitals and imaging centers, enabling virtual workflow efficiencies to help increase labor productivity in MR and CT.  

  4. Combining Ultrasound with Telehealth to Make Imaging Accessible Virtually Anywhere
    Guest: Yanick Beaulieu, Head of Clinical Science, Ultrasound, Precision Diagnosis

    Chip and Yanick discuss the ways in which Philips Lumify powered by Reacts brings professionals, places and patients together, supporting meaningful collaborations. This conversation explores how this technology benefits clinicians and their patients through its tele-ultrasound approach, helping make imaging accessible almost anywhere.

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Chip Truwit

Chip Truwit, MD, FACR

Chief Medical Officer for Precision Diagnosis at Philips. Previously, Chip was previously Chief of Radiology and Chief Innovation Officer of Upstream Health Innovations at Hennepin County Medical Center, Minnesota, USA, and Professor Emeritus of Radiology at the University of Minnesota

Specialist in neuroradiology with clinical interests in pediatric neuroradiology and intraoperative MR-guided therapy.

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