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Jul 28, 2020

Can music help babies sleep?

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Sleep. We know we love it. We know we need it. But do we always get enough of it? Not just for ourselves but also for the little ones we bring into the world?


As any new parent knows, it’s not just their own lack of sleep that is worrying. They also have the additional worry of their baby’s sleeping patterns.

Babies definitely need their sleep. It’s key to their health and development. It helps to prepare their bodies for the next day – for example, sleep plays an important role in producing hormones that support their growth. It also benefits their memory function and learning abilities, as well as positively influencing their immune system. 


If a baby struggles to fall asleep or wakes up every hour during the night, all sorts of questions may be going through a parent’s head. Will my baby get enough sleep? How do I help my baby sleep at night?


To help address these concerns, Philips is collaborating with the Disney Music Group to make soothing lullabies available to new and expecting parents through the popular Pregnancy+ and Baby+ apps. The collaboration offers consumers easy access to full Disney Lullaby playlists on music streaming services, along with featured free in-app “Lullabies of the Month,” drawing from Disney’s extensive catalog of lullabies which are available directly in the Baby+ app. Philips also offers parents in-app advice from experts on helping a baby get to sleep.


“Creating a consistent pre-sleep routine is an effective way of conditioning the body and telling it what’s coming next: time to go to sleep,” explains Dr. Mark Aloia, Global Lead for Behavior Change with Philips Healthcare and Associate Professor of Medicine at National Jewish Health (Denver, Colorado, US). “If we go through the same pre-sleep routine every night, the body knows what happens next and this preparation makes it easier to transition from being awake to falling asleep. This is also the most recommended way of helping a baby fall asleep, and soothing music such as lullabies, next to dimming the light and cuddling , can play an important role.”

The music of Disney is part of almost everyone’s life.  Our Disney Lullaby playlist provides the perfect soothing sounds to prepare a baby for a good night’s sleep.

Rob Sourial

Disney Music Group's VP of Marketing

Disney Music Group's VP of Marketing, Rob Souriall added, “The music of Disney is part of almost everyone’s life.  Our Disney Lullaby playlist provides the perfect soothing sounds to prepare a baby for a good night’s sleep.” 

How to create a calming pre-sleep routine

The 2020 Philips Global Sleep Survey found that 52% of respondents have tried soothing music to improve their sleep. And music doesn’t just work to calm adults, it also works with children – even before they are born. 


Science suggests that music can change the way a baby feels while it is still in the womb. If music makes the parent feel happy, this good vibe can rub off on the baby too. Try listening to meditation music or settle down with Disney Lullabies for a calming experience that benefits both the parent and the baby. 


A baby will normally begin to hear between 15 and 18 weeks into pregnancy. It starts with muffled sounds from the outside world and the sound of the mother’s voice and heart. As the weeks pass, the baby’s sense of hearing improves. Playing lullabies that become familiar to the baby will help set up a pre-sleep routine that calms the baby down after birth and helps prepare for the transition from being awake to falling asleep. 


Access free expert advice on how to get the baby to sleep and how to set up a calming pre-sleep routine and enjoy Disney lullabies via Philips’ Pregnancy+ and Baby+ app. Download the apps for free here:


Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite ;-)

Pregnancy+ and Baby+ by Philips Avent


With over 40 million downloads globally, Pregnancy+ is a daily destination for parents throughout pregnancy. It supports parents from the very moment they discover they are pregnant, by offering personal, bespoke and expert information in the form of articles, information and trackers. With the app, parents can follow their baby’s development during each week with 42 weeks of beautifully created 3D images. These are available in five different ethnicities, with scenes that include full audio and weekly development information. The app is designed to help parents enjoy this time by bringing a feel-good factor to pregnancy with beautiful, informative and helpful content, accompanied with clinical back-up and expertise, to give the advice that really matters.



Philips Avent understands that parents know their baby better than anyone. Yet although their instincts are often correct, they prefer to make informed decisions about their baby’s care. For that reason, the Philips Avent Baby+ app has been developed, with over 3 million downloads, offering parents a complete solution by providing relevant information and giving them the opportunity to track their baby’s development so they feel supported during this amazing journey. The Philips Avent Baby+ app has been developed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals and parents, and supports parents from the day their baby enters the world. With a new screen feed every day, they can track their baby’s growth and receive advice specific to their baby’s development stage. The app features everything from a milk, crying and expression tracker, through to unique user-generated photo content, informative articles, guides and free access to Disney lullabies. Parents can even create a yearbook or use the face-a-day function to capture their baby’s growth and share these with their grandparents. Baby+ allows parents to track multiple babies, perfect when they have twins, or siblings close in age.

Disney Music Group

Disney Music Group is home to Walt Disney Records, Hollywood Records, Disney Music Publishing, Buena Vista Records, and Disney Concerts.  The labels’ genre-spanning rosters include Queen (in North America), Sofia Carson, ZZ Ward, Breaking Benjamin, Bea Miller, Sabrina Carpenter, Joywave, Olivia Holt, Tini Stoessel, Dreamers, DCappella, Almost Monday, Temecula Road,  Adam Hambrick, Laine  Hardy, Scarypoolparty, Alt Bloom and more.  DMG also releases family music and film and television soundtracks such as the chart-topping “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Descendants,” “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” Oscar-winning “Coco” and “Moana” soundtracks, and the Oscar and Grammy-winning “Frozen” soundtrack.  Recent releases include “Frozen 2,”  “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” “The Lion King,” “Captain Marvel,” “Aladdin,” “Toy Story 4,” “Jojo Rabbit,” and “Ford v Ferrari.”  Upcoming titles include the “Mulan,” Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow,” Disney and Pixar’s “Soul,” and 20thCentury Studio’s “West Side Story.”  DMG has a rich catalog with a lasting legacy that has impacted pop culture globally, including music from films like “Snow White,” “Pinocchio” and “Star Wars,” artists like Annette Funicello, and beloved classics like “It’s A Small World.” DMG produces the Disney’s For Scores Podcast series highlighting conversations with acclaimed composers of film and television soundtracks. Disney Concerts licenses and produces hundreds of shows around the world, including Star Wars in Concert, Disney On Classic, “Beauty And The Beast,” Pixar In Concert, “A Nightmare Before Christmas,” and many more.  

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