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New opportunities in microbiology with oCelloScope System

Drug development


The oCelloScope System is an important tool for fast, accurate and easy-to-perform antimicrobial drug development processes.

The software contains a Growth Kinetics Module which facilitates the process of screening new antimicrobials, screening for combinatorial effects and detection of antimicrobial susceptibility.


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Microbiology - Process monitoring


oCelloScope System is an important tool for monitoring and optimisation of microbiological processes involved in food processing and fermentation.

Applications include development of food preservatives, monitoring the growth of food pathogens, and in-depth analysis of growth pattern and crystal formation in pilot fermentation processes.


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Microbiology – Research


oCelloScope System is a valuable tool within the field of microbiology research and is designed to achieve reliable high-throughput results.

The system provides the researcher with a wide range of opportunities to study microbial growth pattern by rapid and accurate real-time growth curves and investigation of morphology features combined with unique image data and time-lapse movies.


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Cell Assays


The oCelloScope System can be used to make time-lapse recordings of your cells, cell clusters and 3D spheroids.


UniExplorer, the software package for the oCelloScope, supports CellDirector®2D a microfluidic cell migration assay by Gradientech..


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Application Notes  


The oCelloScope System is used in a multitude of applications. The application notes listed below have been developed to explain and show the features of the oCelloScope System and provide guidance for configuration and data processing.




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At Philips BioCell we are continually working hard to develop new powerful applications for oCelloScope System.

In this process your input is crucial.


If you have recognised a special need, or just a good idea for a new and innovative application , we would highly appreciate to hear from you and discuss the feasibility of developing such an application.


There is an opportunity to use our system for your investigation.

Please contact sales manager Klaus Rune Andersen at


Introduction to the oCelloScope System


Take a look at this short video showing you how to use the

oCelloScope system.


It shows you how easy it is to analyse biological samples and

how you can monitor the results for up to 96 samples at the

same time with live-view images and graphs.