Investor Relations

Compliance and Reporting

Responsibility for compliance with the General Business Principles rests principally with the management of each business. Every market organization and each main production site has a GBP Compliance Officer. Confirmation of compliance with the General Business Principles is an integral part of the annual Statement on Business Controls. The management of each business unit is required to issue such a Statement as part of a cascading process leading to CEO/CFO certification of the company’s annual accounts.


Philips has a GBP Reporting Policy in place that encourages all employees to report any suspected violation of the General Business Principles that cannot be resolved together with the management concerned or that constitute an immediate threat to corporate integrity.

Philips Ethics Line

Philips cares about being a responsible partner in society, acting with integrity towards our employees, customers, business partners and shareholders, as well as the wider community. While pursuing our business objectives, we always strive to do this in a responsible manner to ensure we are doing the right thing.


If you know of any ethical breaches regarding Philips business, we invite you to report your concerns, confidentially, through the Philips Ethics Line, a reporting website and toll-free telephone service. Your support will help us to live up to our aspirations for being a responsible business partner.


In all countries where it is permitted by law, the Philips Ethics Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and in your local language. In most instances, if not legally prohibited, you may opt to remain anonymous, and your report will only be shared with those responsible for handling your concern. All concerns will be treated in line with the GBP Reporting Policy, in which you will also find an escalation method if the Philips Ethics Line is not available in your country.


To ensure maximum confidentiality, the Philips Ethics Line is hosted by a third party outside the Philips organization. The call center does not utilize any recording devices, and cases are securely recorded on a database outside the Philips network to ensure anonymity.